Invest in Blueberry farmlands in Turkey

Blueberry farmlands investment in turkey

Blueberry project

Blueberry farmlands are one of the agriculture investment models that we highly recommend to our investors.

Fully managed by our professional team, just for 20% from net profit

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High Demand and Price

The local and international demand on blueberry fruit is increasing rapidly subsequently leading to an increase in price.

Fast Produce

Blueberry tree begins to produce quickly starting from the 1st year after planting

Long Shelf Life

Unlike other fruit sold, blueberries have a remarkably long shelf life. Having a long shelf life means that transportation and shelving costs are lower then other berries


One reason why blueberries are considered a ‘miracle fruit’ is because they contain antioxidants, anthocyanins, and phenols

High Quality

Blueberry fruit is considered as high quality and super fruit

Feasibility Study for a managed Blueberry farmland

Feasibility Study

Walnut farms investing in turkey
Blueberry trees
0 m2
Land area
0 $
Price / 1 m2
0 $
Total price (with TVA)

(65,490$) Project price includes:

Land Price.

Planting blueberry saplings in pots

Construction of the green house.

Fully automated irrigation system for the entire project.

Fully automated fertigation system for the entire project.

Fence surrounding the project.

Fees for land ownership transfer to the investor (4%).

1x Harvest / Year

Planting months:

Starts from the end of September till May

Harvest month:

Starts from June to August

Blueberry farmlands investment in turkey

Feasibility Study for a managed walnut farmland

Profits & ROI

Blueberry Production / Tree (KG)

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Accumulated Profits

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Yearly ROI (%)

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