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Invest in Alfalfa Farms

Pros of an Investment in Alfalfa Farms

Fast Intake

The investment has immediate returns starting directly from the first year

Immense Popularity

There is generally high demand for Turkish barley from both within and outside Turkey

Insensitive to Currency Fluctuations

The price of barley is based on global demand and is not sensitive to fluctuations in the local currency.

High Production Rate

It has high productivity with harvests carried out 8 times a year

We manage projects from A to Z

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You can trust us to manage your entire project from Start to Finish, inclusive of Product Distribution and Sales.

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Feasibility Study

1000 square meters planted with Clover
Suitable for production for 5 years
includes an artesian well and an extended drip irrigation system
Price per square meter: $ 2

Yearly expenses per 1000 square meter
(Turkish Lira)
Agricultural fertilizers 120
Employment 320
Tie bale 360
Electricity 75
Total 875
Yearly ROI
(in Turkish Lira)
Bales Number 120 = (15*8)
Bale Price 30
Yearly ROI 3600 = (120*30)

Expected yearly incomes

per 1000 square meter

3600 - 875 = 2,725 TL  


of capital

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