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Why Invest in Agriculture?

Alongside the accelerating growth of the global population and the rising demand for nutritional products, agricultural lands provide an investment opportunity that is diversified and has significant, long-term returns.

Agricultural Investment Real Estate Saving Stocks Bonds
High Returns
Few Fluctuations

Invest in Walnut Farms


Yearly ROI for the first 10 years


Yearly ROI after the 10th year
Bilecik - Denizli
Harvest after 3 years from planting
Land ownership through a 100% title deed

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Invest in Kiwi Farms


Yearly ROI
Harvest after 2 years from planting
Land ownership through a 100% title deed

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Invest in Clover Farms


Yearly ROI
8x Harvest / year from the first year
Land ownership through a 100% title deed

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Why Turkey?

  It is easy to start a business in Turkey

  Turkey enjoys peace, stability, and security

  Land prices are very affordable compared to neighbouring countries

  The availability of agricultural labour

  The intense internal consumption of agricultural products

  Turkey’s strategic location near the Middle East, Europe, and Russia

Pros of Investing in Agriculture

  Safe and long-term investment

  The potential of investment diversification, starting from livestock farming to agricultural lands and more

  Obtaining 100% title deeds

  The persistent need for agricultural and animal products, even when going through crises,

Featured Projects

Featured Projects Here are the best projects we have currently

Governmental Procedures

You do not have to worry about the Turkish government procedures. Let our staff and lawyers take care of this

Production Distribution

Do not worry about distributing the products at all. Our company will take care of the product distribution process from A to Z

Full Management of the Project

Have no experience in or knowledge about agricultural investment? No worries. We take care of managing the project with all its details

Obtain the Turkish Citizenship

Gaining the Turkish citizenship through investing in agriculture:

As per a new legislation which was approved by the Turkish government, investors who purchase real estate items (fixed assets) worth US$250,000 or more can get the Turkish citizenship. The law does not mandate the investment to be a single real estate item or a single fixed asset, so it can be distributed among multiple options, provided that the total amount of all investments is US$250,000.
Our company’s specialized legal team will help you along the way to apply for the Turkish citizenship.

Invest with us and get the Turkish citizenship now.

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