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Kiwi farms

Invest in Kiwi Farms

We manage projects from A to Z

Have no experience or knowledge in agriculture? No worries!
Our company manages entire projects from A to Z. We also manage product distribution and sales.

We have plenty of profitable kiwi projects available

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Feasibility Study for Buying a Piece of Land with a 100% Title Deed

An area of 10,000 square meters | Planted with 310 walnut trees aged at 2 years

Buy a piece of land valued at


Our company manages the project for a renewable
period of 10 years in exchange for 20% of the net profit

اGenerating profits start from the 4th year at a margin of
19.46% and then gradually increase
The investor breaks even (generates profits equal to the invested capital)
by end of the 8th year

Investment amount: 150,000$

    after 10 years

204,288$      250,000$

(Accrued profits) + (Projected land valuation in the 9th year)

= 454,288$

Rise in land value through the first 9 years of investment

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