Full Ownership Investment

We build the best Projects and structures within our customers' budgets and time frames without sacrificing quality and workmanship. We keep you up to date on the latest green building practices and materials.


How it works?

  • Tom Projects supplies agricultural tracts of land across Turkey, specifically Denizli.
  • We provide already cultivated land that fulfills the client’s needs and is within their budget. After the state authenticates the title deed naming the investor as the full owner of the property, the investor in turn hands over management responsibility to our team.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for fertile agricultural lands, with driving factors like rich soil, constant supply of water, proper drainage and geographical situation, into careful consideration.
  • The sales department at Tom Projects has absorbed agribusiness experts from all over Turkey, who are able to give sound consultations about feasibility studies, land terrain, type of cultivation and duration of investment, whether short-term or long-term. These factors become the forefront of every investment decision to bring forth the client’s vision and ensure optimal project delivery.
  • The cost of a piece of land generally comes down to the level of attention it commands. From cultivation processes to irrigation, management, maintenance, use of organic fertilizers and harvesting, all before production begins.
  • Once production commences and the project breaks even, profits are distributed as follows:
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Tom Projects
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  • By Turkish laws, a foreign investor can acquire land from a minimum of 10,000 square meters to a maximum of 300,000 square meters.
  • If the foreign investor wants to own a land of +300,000 square meters, his/her purchase should be made by a Turkish company.
  • The price of 1 square meter is: 6 USD

We provide many profitable Full Ownership Investments in various fields of agriculture with our main ones being:

6$ / 1 square meter


Capital Recovery After 7 Years

100% Land ownership through a verified title deed

excellent work done

Our services

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Land sourcing

From its early beginnings, Tom projects has steadily grown, specializing in agricultural development projects on small high value lands to extensive landscapes comprising hundreds of acres. Tom Projects draws on customer satisfaction where a client gets the best investment options that fully match his/her needs without breaking bank.


Project Management

All processes from A to Z are executed by a team of highly trained project professionals who uphold long-term management contracts. A helping hand is therefore guaranteed. We take our clients through this journey, step by step, by constantly keeping them updated on the status of their investment.


Sale and Distribution of Crops

Finding the right market for your harvests can be a tad difficult. We like to believe that we understand the personal nuances that are integral in concluding successful transactions. Hence the reason our sales and marketing experts present our clients with competitive markets that offer the best prices for your crops.


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