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Lemoore, California


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Lemoore, California is an area proven to be an optimal place to farm pistachios. Investors now have the opportunity to take ownership in the land and the state of the art orchard that will be developed on it.


Investors will be purchasing an interest in FarmFundr 2, LLC , which will own the deed to the property. Investor’s funds will be used to develop a state of the art, sustainable orchard that will be highly appealing to buyers looking to purchase a producing pistachio farm.


The dual water source orchard will be equipped with a highly efficient water well and a state of the art irrigation system designed to reduce water usage, and ensure maximum coverage.  It will be developed by farmers with a proven history of successfully developing and managing pistachio operations in the area.

On year 5,  the company will sell the orchard, capitalizing on the increased value of the property and appreciation.


At this time, it is very difficult to find pistachio orchards for sale in this ideal location. When they are available, they are sold at a premium. Investors of FarmFundr2, LLC have the opportunity to capitalize on the demand for pistachio farms in this area.


Project Financials at a Glance

In 2021, the property will be purchased and developed into a state of the art pistachio orchard by farmers with a proven history of successful pistachio farming. With the addition of a well, irrigation system and trees from a reputable nursery, the orchard is expected to significantly appreciate in value. In 4-5 years when the orchard begins producing, the Company will sell the orchard, capitalizing on the increased value and appreciation.  Purchase cost per acre will be $12,000 and is estimated to sell for $35,249 per acre in 4-5 years. 

Property Map

The land is located in an area proven to be an optimal place to farm pistachios, surrounded by healthy and productive orchards. It is also located near the Santa Rosa Rancheria, where The Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino is located. Over the past few decades, the rancheria has continued to expand it’s acreage, which only increases the opportunity for sale in the future.



We look forward to welcoming you as one of our valued investors in this very exciting opportunity.


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