Olive farms

We are constantly on the lookout for fertile agricultural lands, with driving factors like rich soil, constant supply of water, proper drainage and geographical situation, into careful consideration.

About Project

The Arbequina (Queen of Arabia) olive tree originates from Spain and is cultivated in many countries such as Jordan, South America, France, Morocco and Palestine.

Tree Features

Small size

Rapid growth and production

Fast germinating seeds

Regular & very heavy production

Frost Resistant

Self pollination

Tolerant of drought and high temperature

Arbequina olive tree

+ 1 %

Yearly ROI after the 6th Year of Investment

Feasibility study for an olive farm project

Land Selection

Survey all open spaces to identify land of best fit i.e. Price and Location.


Inspect the land in person and establish that the product matches its specifications.

Sign Contracts

Ratifying the agreement through an Attorney and endorsement of contract from the Turkish Notary.

Transfer Ownership

Land ownership transfers to the new proprietor under a 100% title deed

Embark on the Investment

The investment process kicks off with our company assuming responsibility for the farming and irrigation processes, as well as the overall project


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