Walnut farms

We are constantly on the lookout for fertile agricultural lands, with driving factors like rich soil, constant supply of water, proper drainage and geographical situation, into careful consideration.

About Project

Walnut Farms (especially the “Chandler” variety) are a top of the list investment choice for anyone seeking to start investing in agriculture. We highly recommend this choice because of its benefits ranging from:

Rising Demand

The local and international demand for walnuts is increasing rapidly, which can lead to a subsequent increase in price.

Land Valuation Grows Annually

The prices of cultivated lands rise each year. This value projection puts these pieces of land at the top of many investors’ watchlists and hence draw investment focus.

Superior quality

The Chandler cultivar is considered to be among the highest quality walnuts.


The Chandler cultivar has a relatively higher price and therefore tends to attract higher returns compared to other types of walnuts.

Single Cultivation

With Walnuts, you need only plant once unlike other produce that require multiple recultivation.

Ease of Storage

Walnuts can be preserved for long periods of time, sometimes up to a year as a result of their effective storage methods.

Trees blooming date

Chandler walnut trees bloom in April/March, after the end of the frost season, which leads to an increase in the tree's production

1 years

Capital recovery in 7 years of investment

Invest in walnut farmlands in turkey

Feasibility Study for a managed walnut farmland

  • Area: 10 donum
  • Product: Walnut
  • Number of trees: 300 Walnut Trees
  • Walnut tree begins production of nuts in the 4th year of investment, with 3 kg / 1 tree.
  • In the 8th year of investment, a single tree produces at least 14 kg.
  • In the 10th year of investment, the production is at least 22 kg / tree and it is almost constant after this age
TOM PROJECTS company manages the entire project from planting to selling the crop, in return for 20% of the annual net profit.
The price per 1 square meter is: 6 USD.
For minimum land area 10,000 m2 = 60,000 $

The price of the project includes:
  • Land Price
  • The process of planting 2 years old Saplings with Blue Certified Walnut.
  • Irrigation for the entire project, organic fertilizers.
  • Fence surrounding the land.
  • Fees of land ownership transfer to the investor (4%).

Land Selection

Survey all open spaces to identify land of best fit i.e. Price and Location.


Inspect the land in person and establish that the product matches its specifications.

Sign Contracts

Ratifying the agreement through an Attorney and endorsement of contract from the Turkish Notary.

Transfer Ownership

Land ownership transfers to the new proprietor under a 100% title deed

Embark on the Investment

The investment process kicks off with our company assuming responsibility for the farming and irrigation processes, as well as the overall project


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