Investment in Trees for small capitals

Participate in the profitability of walnut cultivation while enjoying a lower entry barrier and reduced capital investment. For just 1,110$ , you can join our ever-expanding Walnuts farmlands! 

Trees investment tom projects agriculture investment

You can get your hands on a single zone of 6 walnut trees in our orchards!

Our Chandler Walnut Tree Leasing investment model is designed for individuals who may not have the means or resources for full land ownership. Through this program, investors can lease tree zones consisting of six trees, providing an entry point into the lucrative walnut farming industry.
Trees investment tom projects agriculture investment

1,110$ / Zone (6 walnut trees)

How Does Investment in Trees Work?

1. Buy your trees

Make your dreams come true – place your order today and determine how many walnut trees you’d like to own!

2. Plantation

Let our agronomy specialists take care of your trees – they’ll ensure they stay healthy and grow even bigger!

3. Collect

Welcome to the sweet world of profits – Tom Projects and You will both benefit from an even split on any money you collect!

Benefits of Investment in Trees

Why Should I Invest in Walnut Trees?

  • Invest in walnut trees starting from just $1,110/zone (6 Walnut trees) – they stay fresh up to 20 months meaning you can get a great return on your investment.

  • Walnut trees are more resilient than many other trees, making them less vulnerable to nature disasters and insects.

  • Diversify and balance out your existing portfolio of investments with walnut tree investments – harvesting walnuts from your own trees will provide you with a reliable source of income for years.

  • Global crisis and inflation has seen the average price of walnuts rise to 3.97 USD/KG in the last 20 years!
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Purchase your trees today, and Grow your money with us!