Tom projects agriculture investment


Invest in managed farmlands in turkey

WE offer a full-service Agricultural Investment to our clients.

Tom Projects has its head office located in Istanbul with operations in Bursa, Denizli and Balikesir.

We offer specialized services in the agricultural sector– covering sale of project land, project management, sale and distribution of crops, with a verified title deed from the state that provides owners with hassle free management of their properties.

We continually strive to raise the bar by giving you specialist and advisory services for agricultural spaces that work for you

Our Mission

Tom Projects’ mission statement is to “provide all existing and future clients with a world-class standard of differentiated agricultural projects, at the same time upholding our reputation for developing long-term customer relationships.”

Our Vision

The company’s vision statement is to “be the most highly rewarding investment option in the Agribusiness industry that provides not only a simple but also a secure collaborative opportunity to engage in profitable investment ventures from the comfort of your home.  ”

Why Choose us?

Invest with Confidence: Your Investment, Secured. At Tom Projects, we prioritize the security and success of your investment. Here's how we provide a reliable and profitable investment opportunity

High return on investment projects

We engage in low risk products that realize huge paybacks, which make your projects a profitable investment.

Professional Team

Our fully dedicated staff is held on a high standard of values from client accountability, teamwork, commitment and excellent customer service.

Long term maintenance agreements​

We offer a full spectrum of agricultural investment services with a service contract ranging between 10-15 years.

Something For Everyone

Anyone can invest with us with no experience required and without any previous knowledge in the agricultural sector.

Reasonable Prices with Installment packages

We offer competitive prices in addition to installment packages starting from 1 to 4 years.

Established Marketing and Sales channels

We sell the harvested crops in competitive markets at the best prices

Trusted And Certified

TOM Projects Agriculture investment in turkey certified
TOM Projects Agriculture investment in turkey certified
TOM Projects Agriculture investment in turkey certified

Start your investment today!

Our  team offers a full spectrum of project services from land sourcing to developing lands into agricultural projects and providing feasibility studies for our projects