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Making A Difference

Farming demands utmost care and attention. In keeping with the desire to align itself with the core values of knowledge, experience, integrity and professionalism, Tom Projects caters for every project requirement. The team offers a full spectrum of project services from land sourcing to developing lands into agricultural projects and providing feasibility studies for our projects.

Our Mission

Tom Projects’ mission statement is to “provide all existing and future clients with a world-class standard of differentiated agricultural projects, at the same time upholding our reputation for developing long-term customer relationships.”

Our Vision

The company’s vision statement is to “be the most highly rewarding investment option in the Agribusiness industry that provides not only a simple but also a secure collaborative opportunity to engage in profitable investment ventures from the comfort of your home. ”

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Our services

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Land sourcing

From its early beginnings, Tom projects has steadily grown, specializing in agricultural development projects on small high value lands to extensive landscapes comprising hundreds of acres. Tom Projects draws on customer satisfaction where a client gets the best investment options that fully match his/her needs without breaking bank.


Project Management

All processes from A to Z are executed by a team of highly trained project professionals who uphold long-term management contracts. A helping hand is therefore guaranteed. We take our clients through this journey, step by step, by constantly keeping them updated on the status of their investment.


Sale and Distribution of Crops

Finding the right market for your harvests can be a tad difficult. We like to believe that we understand the personal nuances that are integral in concluding successful transactions. Hence the reason our sales and marketing experts present our clients with competitive markets that offer the best prices for your crops.

Our Investment Models

Full Ownerhip

  • 6$ / 1 sqm
  • Minimum area: 10,000 sqm
Land ownership via a 100% title deed
Our full ownership investment options

Full Ownership Investments

6$ / 1 square meter


Capital Recovery After 7 Years

100% Land ownership through a verified title deed

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