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Why Invest in Agriculture?

Nutritional products are becoming more and more popular with the accelerating growth of the global population. Agricultural lands have proved a viable investment opportunity as it is diversified and has significant, long-term returns.

Agricultural Investment Real Estate Saving Stocks Bonds
High Returns
Few Fluctuations

Select your investment package

Choose the package that fit your budget and start your invesment Immediately!


Starting from 5,000$

  • - 25% ROI for the first year
  • - 150% Cumulative ROI for the first 5 years
  • - Ease of procedures
  • - A viable project
  • - Official government papers

Full Ownership

Starting from 30,000$

  • - Land value rise up to double in the 8th year
  • - +17% Yearly ROI
  • - Land ownership through a verified title deed
  • - Turkish citizenship


Investment in Walnut Farms


Yearly ROI for the initial 10 Years


Yearly ROI after the 10th Year
Bilecik - Denizli
Yield in 3 Years
Land ownership through a verified title deed

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Invest in Kiwi Farms


Yearly ROI
Yield in 2 Years
Land ownership through a verified title deed

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Yearly ROI


Harvest Per Year from the Initial Year
Land ownership through a 100% title deed

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Why Turkey?

  It is easy to start a project in Turkey

  Turkey enjoys peace, stability, and security

 Turkey offers very competitive reasonable prices in comparison to bordering countries

  Accessibilty and availability of agricultural labour

  High internal demand and consumption of agricultural produce

  Turkey’s strategic geographical position near the Middle East, Europe, and Russia

The Pros of making Agricultural Investments In Turkey.

  Guaranteed safety for long-term investments.

  Available opportunities to diversify the investment type from livestock farming to crop based agriculture.

  Investors can obtain completely free title deeds for purchased land.

  Turkey has consistent demand for agricultural produce despite any crisis periods.

Governmental Procedures

The Turkish government’s procedures are taken care of by the company and our legal counsel.

Production Distribution

We take this responsibility off your hands through managing all distribution processes.

All-Round Management of Projects

Have no experience or knowledge about agricultural investment? No worries. We have got you covered with all-round agricultural services.


Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through investing in agriculture:

The Turkish government has enacted a law that permits investors who purchase
real estate items (fixed assets) worth $250,000 or more to acquire Turkish
citizenship. The law does not mandate the investment to be a single real estate item
or a single fixed asset, so it can be distributed among multiple options, provided
that the total amount of all investments is US$250,000.

Our company will facilitate the process of applying and acquiring citizenship
through our legal staff.

Invest with us and Obtain the Turkish citizenship now.

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