Invest in walnut farmlands in Turkey

Walnut farmlands investment in turkey

Chandler walnut project

Walnut Farms (especially the “Chandler” variety) are a top of the list investment choice for anyone seeking to start investing in agriculture. We highly recommend this choice for investment.

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Chandler walnut investment


Rising Demand

The local and international demand for walnuts is increasing rapidly, which can lead to a subsequent increase in price.

Land price increases annually

The prices of cultivated lands rise each year. This value projection puts these pieces of land at the top of many investors’ watchlists and hence draw investment focus.


The Chandler cultivar has a relatively higher price and therefore tends to attract higher returns compared to other types of walnuts.

Single Cultivation

With Walnuts, you need only plant once unlike other produce that require multiple re-cultivation.

Superior quality

The Chandler cultivar is considered to be among the highest quality walnuts.

Ease of Storage

Walnuts can be preserved for long periods of time, sometimes up to a year as a result of their effective storage methods.

Feasibility Study for a managed walnut farmland

Feasibility Study

Chandler Walnut saplings in turkey
Walnut trees
0 m2
Land area
0 $
Price / 1 m2
0 $
Total price

(60,000$) Project price includes:

Land Price.

Process of planting 2 years old Saplings with Blue Certified Walnut.

Fence surrounding the land.

Irrigation system for the entire project.

Organic fertilizers.

Fees for land ownership transfer to the investor (4%).

1x Harvest / Year

Planting months:

October & November

Harvest month:


Walnut saplings for sale in turkey

Feasibility Study for a managed walnut farmland

Profits & ROI

Production / Tree (KG)

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Land Appreciation (Land price $)

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Yearly ROI (%)

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