A little hand book on Garlic Investment

A key attractions for the investors to Turkey.

Garlic Investment is one of the key attractions in Turkey for the investors all around the globe. The obvious reason is the brilliant quality of production. Favorable government policies, high rate of return and effective ways of restoration are among other contributing factors.

There are people all around the world that are keen towards investment in garlic corps in Turkey. These investors have great deal of experience in various investments and portfolio management but unfortunately due to insufficient knowledge regarding garlic investment and cultivation, cannot invest efficiently.

To help investors all around the world following are the concise yet precise detail related to garlic investment:

The origin of agriculture and farming

The origin of agriculture and farming in Turkey can be traced back to 8000 B.C. According to research when the wave of hunter-gatherer age started their shift towards other options of food .Anatolia was among the first lands that let this new breed of human being explore new ways to find and consume healthy diet. Since the birth of farming and agriculture, the region has been hosting the farmers. Not just it, the modern day Turkey then was the stepping stone of the moment that led to the era of corps harvesting in Europe too.

Since the times of early civilization the agriculture has contributed to the region as a prime blessing. The fact is one the reason that Turkey is one of the few countries that are self-sufficient in terms of food. Since Turkey possess one of the largest agricultural lands in the world, it not just produces one of the best corps but also yields the highest ROI for investors.

more profit will be earned

The more segregated the lot, the more profit will be earned. Once harvested, it is import to sort the garlic into different categories. There are a lot of beneficial reasons to sort garlic. One of the most important is seed stock. Farmers need uniformly sized garlic to go through the planter.

The bigger garlic bulbs are processed and sold as individual cloves separately. Grocery stores along with different markets also require different sizes and also emphasis to maintain a consistently sized product within their inventory.


One of the challenges when growing garlic was that it was not widely produced. Farmers needed to do a bit of trial and error to learn to grow it. But now with the help of various research and development and effective policies from Ministry of agricultural and forestry. The issue is effectively resolved. The other interesting things to consider about growing garlic is that it can be different depending on the geographical area. To stay feasible, farmers are always looking for crops that grow well in areas along with providing the highest yield and rate of return in order to create a higher income. Garlic, when successfully grown, offers a fairly high rate of return.

Further, the garlic in Turkey runs out in October or November for the fresh market. Buying local garlic is becoming a common practice and according to various grocery chains, it is reported that consumers are asking for local garlic. This means farmers will continue to make an investment to put local garlic in the grocery stores and the garlic investors will continue enjoying the high yield of return in foreseeable future.