A Step by step journey with a Walnut Investment Project

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At TOM PROJECTS, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for successful Walnut Chandler farming ventures. Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the ideal partner for all your walnut Chandler farming needs. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step. From field preparation and tree planting to full care for every tree throughout its lifecycle. We’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure a thriving and productive walnut orchard.

1- Site Selection Expertise (Land picking)

Choosing the right land is crucial for a thriving commercial walnut farming business. We understand the specific requirements of walnut Chandler plants and can select the best suitable land with well-drained, nutrient-rich soils that promote optimal growth and production.

2- Climate Analysis and Adaptation

Understanding the climate requirements for walnut Chandler farming is the key to achieving high yields. Our expert team selects locations that offer the ideal balance of cool temperatures and moderate rainfall while avoiding frost and extreme heat conditions that can negatively impact production.

3- Land and Soil Preparation

Proper soil preparation is vital for successful walnut production. Our team will be responsible for the process of weed removal, root clearance, and plowing to achieve the ideal soil tilth stage. We’ll also implement organic fertilizers effectively, ensuring your walnut trees have the best start.

4- Choose the Best Walnut Plants and variety

Selecting the right walnut varieties is crucial for a successful farming operation. That’s why our team focuses on the most common and productive species such as the English (Chandler) walnut. Our team will ensure to have access to high-quality saplings with desirable traits and disease resistance. Through our extensive network, our team is responsible to get the saplings from reputable nurseries that produce top-quality walnut Chandler plants, ensuring the success of your plantation.


5- Sizing

Selecting the exact location where we will plant the trees, while keeping a distance of 8 X 4 meters between the trees (These places will be marked using white powder)

6- Digging the holes

After marking the places, we start digging the holes using excavator (JCB). Each hole needs to be approximately 60 centimeters wide, and 60 centimeters deep. The dimensions of the holes don’t need to be in this exact dimension. But these numbers are just approximate numbers to give you an idea of how big the hole needs to be. The main goal is that the holes need to be big enough for the roots of the trees to fit inside.

7- Planting

Maximizing production starts with proper planting techniques. Our team will determine the ideal spacing and planting system based on your land characteristics. Whether it’s the square system for flat lands or contour planting for hilly areas, we’ll ensure the walnut Chandler trees have the best start.

8- Fencing

After planting, it’s time to fence the whole land in order to keep it secure from animals and other factors. 

9- Comprehensive Care and Management

We provide additional care and management to significantly improve growth and yield. Our experts will do the best practices for fertilization, irrigation, mulching, weed control, and pruning. We create a tailored care plan to optimize your walnut farm’s productivity.

In addition, our team will select disease-resistant saplings and provide comprehensive strategies to prevent and manage common pests and diseases. In this way, we can protect your walnut Chandler trees and ensure a healthy harvest.

10- Harvesting and Yield Optimization

Walnut Chandler farming requires patience, but the rewards are worth it. We’ll provide valuable insights into the timing and techniques for harvesting walnuts, ensuring you achieve the maximum yield from your mature walnut trees. Our experts will give you expected yields based on cultivars and farm management practices.

11- Effective Marketing Support

We create value from harvest to sale. With successful harvest in hand, marketing your walnuts becomes paramount. We stay hyper-focused on solid marketing strategies tailored to the local market. Our marketing experts will ensure your walnut harvest will achieve the desirable return at a high competitive level in the market.

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