The Future of Walnut Investment

Turkey top list of the producers of walnuts, but?

Turkey is one of the top producers of walnuts but still it cannot sufficiently satisfy the local demand fully yet. Not just in Turkey, but all over the globe Turkish walnuts are highly valued due to its organic fertilizations. As the world understands the value of organic products, the demands for Turkish walnuts have been increasing with an unusual rate. Thus paving the hundreds of new way for investors in investing in the field of walnut investment.

A golden opportunity

In world of traders and investors, walnut investment and farming presents a golden opportunity. This is not just because of local interests towards the products but also due to favorable environmental and ecological conditions. Such as soil, temperature and rain falls.

To leverage the investors and farmers government has also dedicated two of its ministries, namely. The ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. Certain policies and plans from the governments bodies have also helped local farmers to increase their capital and evolve periodically.

Walnut production in turkey

45,000 tons of production

Government has a projection of reaching the benchmark of around 45,000 tons of production by the maturity period of crops, i.e. ten years. The government along with the local cultivators is striving to achieve the goal fundamentally by improving quality and accelerating the growth of seedlings.

Walnuts breeding programs have been initiated that are commissioned to increase the productivity in forthcoming periods through very effective R&D. These research and development projects have resulted some of the key improvements such as upgrading the quality of nuts through its characters and sizes. Studies to increase the resistance from diseases and insects, along with seedling mechanization and efficient procedures in drying of harvested walnuts has also contributed in increasing the ROI in the walnut investment projects along with enabling a great progress in some ancillary industries such as harvesting automation tools and machineries.